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Port Macquarie Car Wash

166 Gordon St, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444, Australia
Mon to Sun - 8:30am - 5:30pm
(07) 4099 3220

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2 Reviews for Port Macquarie Car Wash

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13 Jan 2014

I visit Pt regularly and I have had my car washed at this place every time over the last 10 years. Never agin! In the middle of last year I witnessed a furious and highly inappropriate response from a staff member towards a customer who had waited nearly six minutes for her to acknowledge him. I left without being served. Today, with the" attendant of duty sign" on display, I waited for about 5 minutes. I reversed back down the access point and noticed a staff member vacuuming one of their hire cars. Presuming he had not noticed me before, I drove back up the ramp. He approached my car and asked what I wanted. I told him the $14 wash to which he replied "well the instructions are on the side of the machine so that you can do it yourself" I pointed out the attendant on duty notice. He was belligerent, rude, bullying in his response and when I entered the car wash, he approached me again and hurled abuse at me for bot entering the car wash properly, assuring me that if I did not reverse out immediately the machine would rip out the side of my car. I am grateful he pointed this out to me, but I will never go to this place again! I am not an idiot, I respect the challenge of people working in busy and demanding workplaces, but rudeness, bullying behaviour and disrespect are not on! This business might have the cheapest hire cars available inPort but the owners deserve to go bust if they approve to the pathetic customer service I have experienced.

02 Sep 2013

A take-it-or-leave-it attitude that I found offensive. Wish there was more competition in Port.