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Mint Car Wash

320 Lane Cove Road, North Ryde, NSW 2113, Australia
Mon to Sun - 8am to 5pm
(02) 9889 4111

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1 Review for Mint Car Wash

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14 Jul 2013

took my brand new car (2013 ) had the car for less than 3 weeks to this place the car wasnt dirty much i paid about 65 for what they called platinum carwash and wax spray i was there for about 45 mins as i drove to go home i realised my wing mirrors and back window was still dirty got home checked all over the car there was still dirt all around the car dust in the back seat front seat so i went back asked for my money back they only offerd to give me $30 back but i asked for the whole amount they told me they cant do it and they have to call the owner as i was complaining till they all the owner to person who washed my car told me (GO F YOUR SELF YOU ARE FULL OF S**T) i spoke to the owner he said well go over the car but thats not what i wanted becuase it was getting dark i asked him for my money back he refused so i told him im gonna take legal action and he started threatening me saying your messing withe wrong person you dont know who i am so over all thats what i get as a customer service