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Crystal Car Wash Cafe

75 Sailors Bay Road, Northbridge, NSW 2063, Australia
Mon to Sun - 8:30am - 5:30pm

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2 Reviews for Crystal Car Wash Cafe

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29 Jul 2013

Entered the car wash at 1.25pm on 29072013. After 45 minutes they hadn't even started on my car
I then complained and asked them to get a move on. 15 minutes later they told me they had locked my keys in my car. Waiting waiting. No apologies, and no offers of compensation for the $55 fee they had already collected. A joke. Customer service is null. Do these people know what they are doing? I suspect not.

11 Jul 2013

Very poor service. The staff clearly do not want to be here, they couldn't be bothered even talking to me and when they did it was pushy or rude. Also over priced.