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Seaford 24 Hr Carwash

22 The Parade, Seaford, SA 5169, Australia
Mon to Sun - 8:30am - 5:30pm
(08) 8386 2765

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4 Reviews for Seaford 24 Hr Carwash

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08 Oct 2014

Great wash, been coming here for years... always gets the car clean and all the crap right off. The scrubbing brush at the front of the automatic washes is bloody great too. Will be coming back for sure, every time!!! Cheers boys

06 Aug 2014

Attendant was really helpful in working out the automatic wash. Wasnt sure what to do for the first time.... Ended up doing a really nice clean, feels like the side of the car is seriously being blasted off, but don't worry - it's just the dirt! The wheels scrubs bought my wheels up brand new which was heaps good... Tried some other washes and this one seems to be the best. Will keep coming back! Cheers!

04 Nov 2013

I used the car wash for the first time. The attendant was very helpful. The poor review is because I used the DIY wash bay which did not clean my car well at all. I had to re wash it to get all the bugs and bird poo off it. The wash should have cost $11 (I have the receipt). I paid for it using my credit card and have noticed that $30 has been drawn from my account. I have been unable to get in touch with anyone to rectify the situation. Once again, the attendant was very helpful in assisting showing me what to do. Unfortunately I will not waste my time nor my money on a car wash like this again.

25 Feb 2013

This would have to be the best touch free wash in Adelaide. Brilliant clean and the wheel wash did a good job of my mags. And friendly drive way service as well - And only $16.00