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BP Connect East Perth

Cnr East Pde & Brown St, East Perth, WA 6004, Australia
Mon to Sun - 8:30am - 5:30pm
(08) 9421 1280

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2 Reviews for BP Connect East Perth

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09 Sep 2013

Totally agree with Craig's comments above. This BP is my local and I have used BP Ultimate exclusively in my cars for at least 8 years. There has not been a single occasion in the past 3-4 months where I have been to BP Connect East Perth and NOT had to stand around waiting for the console operator to turn the pump on. Sometimes it is a relatively short wait but other times it seems to take forever. I drove out in disgust yesterday and filled up elsewhere.

27 Jun 2013

This is the servo I visit on my way to work. Every time I pull in there (usually around 0500-0530) I am left standing at the pump, up to 10 mins on occasions) before the attendant turns on the pump. Likewise, I am left waiting at the door as the attendant is making coffee and will not open it. Other customers approach the door from inside and trigger it to open on most occasions. Again, left queuing as the attendant is still making coffee. Is this a service station or a café??? Time I pull up until the time I pull out is usually around 20 mins. Unacceptable. I am on a Novated Lease with my car, as most of the people I work with. They all have the same complaint with this particular BP service station. I have contacted my Novated lease provider and they are going to supply me with a Shell card. You are loosing customers because you have staff with no sense of priority or customer courtesy.