5 Home Car Wash Tips

Whether you're trying to save money or just enjoy washing your car on a summers day, we have 5 great tips to help you get that sparkling car wash shine at home. Things you need for the home car wash before your start include:

  • 2 bucket - fill ¾ of the way with warm water and one with soapy water
  • Soft water or rainwater - avoid dam or bore water
  • Shade - direct sunlight will dry the car too quickly and leave spots
  • Warm soapy water - PH neutral shampoo
  • Sheeps wool wash mitt - kinder and easier to use than a sponge

Once you're ready to wash follow these 5 great tips home car wash tips for a great finish to your car.

  1. Wheels - Start with the wheels, why you ask? This is because the wheels of a car will be dirtier than the rest with potentially large bits of dirt that can scratch the paint of a car. Be sure to use a different water bucket, wash mitt or sponge for the wheels than the rest of the car as not to damage the body work. To clean in small holes in the wheels use a toothbrush to easy reach hidden areas. Rinse thoroughly with a hose and be extra careful not to mix your wheel cleaning equipment with you regular washing equipment.
  2. Rinse - It is important that you rinse your car thoroughly before starting to wash, this is to remove any harmful dirt and grit that can scratch the paint finish of the car. Top to bottom, spray from the roof down. Make sure to spray underneath the windscreen wipers as extra dirt may collect there.
  3. Separate Buckets -  It’s best to have a separate bucket to use as a rinse bucket where possible using a grit guard. The guard and the separate bucket of water allow for all of the dirt, grit and contaminants to remain in the separate bucket away from the clean soapy water. By keeping separate buckets it ensure that the dirty water will not contaminate the clean water and ruin the over finish of the car wash.
  4. Wash and Rinse - Again it is important to wash and rinse from top to bottom gently. When washing tough spots such as droppings or sap, apply concentrated soap to the area and gently rub to avoid scratching the paint. If you have any dents or crack in the paint be sure to pay attention to these places as there may be a buildup of dirt. When rinsing the car start from the roof to ensure that the water droplets catch all the soap suds and rinse them away to the ground.
  5. Dry - Use car washing towel rather than a chamis, most of these will hold more than their weight in water and are super absorbent. Dry the bodywork of the car using small circles to avoid streaking. The best way to tell if your windows are streak free is to dry the outside horizontally and the inside vertically this way if there are extra marks you can tell which side they're on.

Take your time to wash the car for the best results and most of all have a good times doing it!