5 Tips to Protect your Cars Paint

Whether you're trying to save money or just enjoy washing your car on a summers day, we have 5 great tips to help you get that sparkling finish right at home.

There are many everyday substances and natural phenomena that cause damage to your cars paint. There are 5 simple things you can do to protect your car from such things and insure the longevity of your cars paint. Follow these easy steps for a lifetime of well preserve car paint.

  1. Protect from Temperature - One of the worst and least avoidable things that can be harmful to your cars paint is temperature. This is because when a vehicle is exposed to extreme temperature changes the paint can expand or contract causing cracking, these cracks will allow for water and other moisture to seep into the paint eventually causing rust. It can be difficult to prevent this process from happening when driving your car at different times of the year. A good way to help prevent paint damage due to temperature is to keep your car in a garage with a constant temperature and parking your car in a covered car park when away from home.
  2. Bird and Bat Droppings - Australia has a number of birds and bats which is a real threat to the paint of a car! Bird and bat droppings contain chemicals that can be extremely harmful to your cars paint. There are several ways you can avoid the damaging effects of such droppings. Avoid parking under trees as this could put your car in danger from droppings. One of the main ways of combating this is parking under cover free from the open. If you do happen to have droppings on your paint immediately remove them using warm soapy water and a gently rub with a sheep wool wash mitt.
  3. Brake Fluid and Petrol - These are common things we use to keep our cars running and during services. Although brake fluid and petrol are used on the inside of the car sometimes they can come in contact with the exterior of the car eventually deteriorating the paint. If they do come in contact with a cars paint they can cause the paint to peel off revealing the underlayers. Ensure when filling your car with petrol to not allow spillage onto the paint work of the car, if this happens immediately wash the petrol off of the surface. Brake fluid is extremely damaging to a cars paint so be extra careful when topping it up as it can cause stripping.
  4. Improper Car Washing - Many people may run out of car cleaning products and substitute these with household products such as soap and detergent. You must never use products such as these when washing a car as they may contain chemicals that can cause your paint to be stripped or deteriorate. Be sure to either take your car to a car wash or when washing at home use top quality car cleaning products. You should also avoid using abrasive cleaning equipment such as scrub pads. If possible do not use a sponge instead a soft cleaning mitt such as sheeps wool which can be purchased almost anywhere that sells car cleaning products.
  5. Stones and Dirty Cloths - A lot of car paint damage can be caused by small stones or rocks hitting the surface of your car. This can be for a number of reasons including loose road surfaces. Sometimes unavoidable you can still prevent this by driving carefully on unsurfaced roads and surfaces that have recently been redone. Using dirty cloths or sponges can cause scratches and chips as their may be small stones, grit or dirt in them. If there is dirt or similar substances on the cloth, then they may be accidentally rubbed across the paint causing unnecessary damage.