Car Wash - Future Technologies

As with most technologies there is endless advancements waiting to be discovered and the well established car wash is no different.

 From humble beginnings in the early 20th century the car wash as evolved beyond anyone's expectations. It has become almost amazing what technologies have been introduced to transform a simple car wash into the futuristic structures we see today. Here are the big technologies for the future:

Steam Car wash

Steam washing is a new addition to how cars can be washed, using a steam jet it is safe on both the car exterior and interior. The majority of car washes will use 113 litres of water per car or 378 litres if washing at home. However a steam wash will only use around  4 litres of water (and doesn’t give off waste water) per car making it cost and eco friendly.

Steam washing has been subject to many sceptics and myths, most of which have been found to be false. Steam washing has been around for a long time thanks to effectiveness in dissolving dirt and grit as well as sterilizing the area and getting rid of odors. Steam washes have been used in many different industries including carpet and upholstery and car washes.

Contrary to belief steam washing will not scratch a cars paint if used correctly unlike rubbing fibres on the car in a traditional wash. Not only is steam cleaning gentle on your car it is also gentle on the environment without compromising on the overall finish of a car wash. Car washing has advanced beyond the traditional soapy water, sponge and bucket. 

Self Serve Car Washes

Car washing has evolved from automatic tunnels to top of the range self serve facilities, especially in Australia. If you want a professional finish but want to wash your vehicle yourself there are a number of self service car washes with top of the range products and equipment. Many self serve car washes will have coin operated equipment and many in the future will have electronic pay facilities.

As well as providing high tech equipment and washing products self serve car washes are eco friendly as they recycle used water. When washing a car at home many people allow the water to go into storm and water drains in effect polluting the rivers they lead to. Not only does it save money it help keep Australia’s waterways free of soap, chemicals and grease associated with car washing.

Many self serve car washing centres will have self valet services such as waxing and tyre treatment. They will also most likely contain areas to clean the interior of your car, such as vacuums. Having all of these services in one easy to use area can take the cost and difficulty of washing your car, but still having the satisfaction of washing your car yourself.

Mobile Car Washing

In recent times many people have commitments that may restrict their spare time and activities such as car washing. There are many dedicated mobile car washing companies in Australia that will come to your home or office to wash or detail your car. This is comes as convenience is a crucial part of living in the 21st century. Mobile car washing save times driving to (and through) a car wash.

Most mobile car washing services include hand wash, full detail, mini detail, interior and professional services. It may seem that these sevices don’t seem very futuristic, however it’s a big leap from driving to a manually controlled car wash just offering a traditional hand wash. Mobile companies these days will more than likely have their own source of power and water for convenience.

Adding to the ease of getting a mobile car wash many of these services can be booked over the internet. With rise of the power of the smartphone, a lot of these companies may even have their own tablet or phone app from which you can conveniently book services. These companies offer the best in technologies for the ultimate car wash at your home or office with ease of booking.